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“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” Psalm 24.

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Have you ever asked (or been asked by) someone to watch your child? Your purse? Your laptop?
Have you ever asked someone to house-sit for you, feed your pet, and collect your mail?
Have you ever given your money to a bank or a stock broker in the hopes they'd keep it safe or get you a profit?

The examples above are literal stewardship: taking care of (and perhaps even growing) what belongs to someone else.

As King David realized in the Psalm verse above, ALL THINGS belong to God: our land, our possessions, even our lives, health, and families! Although we think we've worked, inherited, or earned what is ours, we know that we all have a Creator that has supplied us with these things, and even given us the opportunities to experience these blessings!

We are God's stewards, taking care of what He has entrusted us. What is beautiful about this is that He's willing to let us enjoy a great deal of HIS possessions!

Like good stewards, we must be ready and willing to give back to God all that He has given us: our lives, our treasure, and even our families!

As fellow stewards of our Lord, we ask all to give back to our Creator, and become stewards of our parish of St. George!
Give back to God the treasure He has entrusted to you by giving to the source of prayer and sacraments: the Church!
Give back to God the time He's given you on Earth through volunteering in the life-giving ministries of the Church!
And give back to God your talents He's equipped you with so that St. George may be a well-equipped house of God, ready to serve all those in need!

A Word from Your Church Council

We acknowledge that everything we offer, everything we have is a gift from God. We take what God has given to us and return it to Him as an act of our thanksgiving and praise. As stewards of God’s gifts, we return to Him a portion of our time, talents and treasures for Christ’s work on earth through His Church.

The Saint George Stewardship Program is an opportunity to respond to Christ’s love by perpetuating His ministry through the Church. Stewardship places the responsibility to support the Church exactly where it belongs, on us. To become a Steward of Saint George you will need to fill out or renew your Stewardship form.

Forms may also be found at the entrance of the Church, at the Church Office, and if you call the Church office we will be more than happy to mail you a form to your house.

In Jesus Christ Service,

Saint George Stewardship Committee