Wednesday & Thursday Bible Studies! 

1:00 pm-2:30 pm -- Wednesday Greek Book Study
6:00 pm-8:30 pm -- Wednesday English Bible Study
10:30 am-12:00 pm -- Thursday Woman's Book Study

At St. George, learning about our faith doesn’t stop when we graduate Sunday School. Every week, there are three different opportunities for continuing adult education and fellowship.

On Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 PM, we meet in Father Gregory’s office for a home-cooked lunch of fasting food and reading spiritual literature in Greek. In the past, we have read books such as Hieromonk Gregory’s Patristic Commentary on the Divine Liturgy. We are currently reading the Life of St. Paisios by Hieromonk Isaac.

On Wednesday evenings, we meet at 6:00 PM in our St. Andrew Chapel for Paraklesis to the Mother of God, followed by Bible Study in English at 7:00 PM in Father Gregory’s office. We usually cover about one chapter of Scripture per session. We are currently reading the Gospel of St. Luke.

Finally, on Thursday mornings, our women’s group meets from 10:30 AM until noon in Father Gregory’s office. In the past, we have read books such as St. Paisios’ book on Family Life (Vol. IV), Sister Magdalene’s Children in the Church Today, and Mamalakis’ Parenting Toward the Kingdom. We are currently reading Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives.

Everyone is welcome and it is never too late to jump into a group. We will catch you up!

You can order some of the books we've read at the following links:

St. Paisios On Family Life

Sister Magdalene - Children in the Church Today

Mamalakis - Parenting Toward the Kingdom