Mommy and Me

Our new moms group is for expecting mothers, new moms, dads, and their beautiful babies from 40 days to three years old.  This gentle and loving community comes together on the second Monday of the Month at 6:00.  We gather together to support one another through all the changes that motherhood and fatherhood brings and to bring our littlest parishioners into fellowship with one another, whether its your first baby or a new addition to your growing family come and join us.

While simply coming together to love one another other is the most important aspect of this ministry, our moms' group is different from your neighborhood group because here we can all speak openly about our spiritual struggles as well.

For now our group is informally called the Dragon Slayers because Fr. Andrew thinks is sounds awesome.  Saint George slayed the dragon (symbolic of evil) and we hope that this ministry program can be the first step for our littlest parishioners to become disciples and to conquer evil throughout their lives.  Of course, we may need a more baby friendly name so PLEASE change Fr. Andrew's mind about this.