Although every Orthodox Parish follow the same pattern and tradition, each one stands out from the other in a sacred uniqueness.

Here are some characteristics about us that we'd love to share with you!

The Relics of St. George

St. George is a mythic yet very real figure known world wide! His valiant tale of slaying a dragon and saving a princess have made him a celebrated patron saint for countries, parishes, and even non-Christian faiths!

As Orthodox we believe the bones a saint leaves behind are sacred--set apart from the world--and that the saint themselves maintain a spiritual connection with their bodies on earth, just as was the case for Prophet Elisha!

A fragment of St. George's bones is preserved to this day within our community, open for public veneration!

The silver plates--"tama"--hanging off the icon of St. George are tokens of gratitude given towards the saint for his intercession in our lives!

Our Iconography

As soon as you enter into our Church, your eyes will feast upon the beautiful iconography painted in our walls and crafted into our stain-glass windows. Off to your right you'll see the martyric life of St. George on the walls, and as you walk up the stairs towards our choir balcony you'll e welcomed by saints on each wall!

A well-known feature of Orthodox churches is our dome, symbolizing of God's loving condescension towards His Creation. Here at St. George you will be overwhelmed with our beautiful icon of Christ, the Pantokrator--ruler of all--blessing those who look up at Him in our dome! Surrounding Him are angels and the Four Evangelists, also depicted in remarkable iconography.

In addition to these, our chapel is filled with hand-painted icons of remarkable saints with incredible stories!

There is no shortage of history and grace as you stand in the presence of the saints that pray for us from the walls of our church!

Friday Night Dinners

When someone hears St. Geoge in our area, often they think of the dinner they had with us on Friday Nights. 

We offer a wide selection of Greek & American cuisine for you and your family to enjoy in our beautiful hall! Come meet our priest, take a look inside our church, and experience Greek hospitality and cuisine on your Friday Nights!